Someday I'll be dignified and old

"Well my friends say that I deceive myself

And that I contradict myself

And I can't say if they're right

But I'm not ashamed

Oh I can take a challenge

And so I won't die

Someday I'll be dignified and old

I know it" - The Modern Lovers, "Dignified and Old"

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Oh, so after running a disgusting hit piece of a story about a trans woman for no other reason than that she was transitioning while employed as a teacher, the Daily Mail runs a story about her subsequent suicide rife with male pronouns and use of her birth name

  1. oh-whiskers said: "Sorry we are unable to accept comments for legal reasons"
  2. tighttaperedpants said: The Daily Fail is literally the worst newspaper in England, and it has some pretty stiff competition
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    Omfg I hope this doesn’t get any worse, what a bunch callous scum those writers are.
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    in future news the Daily Mail headquarters was burned to the ground. no staff survived.
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