Someday I'll be dignified and old

"Well my friends say that I deceive myself

And that I contradict myself

And I can't say if they're right

But I'm not ashamed

Oh I can take a challenge

And so I won't die

Someday I'll be dignified and old

I know it" - The Modern Lovers, "Dignified and Old"

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JONATHAN BANKS: And why do you think he has that rage inside of him? 

ODENKIRK: Because he’s a normal guy.

BANKS: He’s a normal guy who just happens to deal in crystal meth and kill people. But he’s a normal guy.

BANKS: I don’t think he loves Jesse at all. You’re talking about Walt?

PAUL: You don’t think Walt cares for Jesse?

BANKS: I don’t think Walt cares for anybody.

ODENKIRK: I think he looks to Jesse as a son.

PAUL: He has Jesse in the palm of his hand and he knows how to control him.

BANKS: To control him. That’s hardly love.

Interviewer: Do you think Walt’s manipulation of people is the way he shows his love?

BANKS: I love the way you’ve phrased that question. Is his manipulation, his way of showing love? Did I misquote you? His manipulation shows his love? What kind of broken ass home did you come from?

BANKS: I will tell you this – because I’m old enough to be everybody’s father here. Everybody. And I know specifically of parents who would go – you would be hit by a car, lying on the side of the road and they would come over and go ‘Oh my god. Son, are you okay?’ And in the same breath – ‘Could somebody take care of this. I gotta go.’ It ain’t love. They may tell themselves it’s love. But it ain’t love.

Interviewer: So does Walt love anybody then?

PAUL: He definitely loves himself.

BANKS: A sociopath feels no guilt in their actions and what they do.

ODENKIRK: But do you think he’s becoming a sociopath?

BANKS: No – I think he’s been a sociopath since the time in the gym when he justifies the airplane crash – with ‘Well there have been worse crashes. More people have died.’ That is the classic sociopath.

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    I love how the total lack of fucks Jonathan Banks gives is equivalent to how many his character gives.
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    So… I’m a sociopath?
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